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Community-Based Learning Partnerships

The Education Cooperative (TEC)

Dedham is a member of The Education Cooperative (TEC), a regional collaborative serving thirteen towns in metrowest Boston. The programs offered to students are generally on a fee-for-service basis.

  • The Internship Program provides students with firsthand experience in the work world. Interns are matched, based on interest, with sponsors in professional settings. Each intern makes a 60-hour commitment to the program. Parents/guardians or students pay all fees and provide transportation.
  • TEC Online courses may present an opportunity for students to take courses not usually offered in high school. TEC Online courses developed with college and industry partners include advanced content, practical application of studies, and career exploration.

Please see your school counselor or visit

Regional and Technical Schools

Students interested in attending Blue Hills Regional Technical School or Norfolk County Agricultural High School generally apply for ninth-grade admissions. Sophomores, juniors, or seniors interested in applying to these schools should see their counselor and contact the school directly.

School to Careers Partnership

Dedham High School works with the School to Careers Partnership to provide our students with engaging, hands-on career exploration through internships, field trips, and participation with various organizations and programs. Programs vary from year to year. For more information, visit