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Community Service Learning Program

The Community Service Learning Program is an important part of the educational experience offered at Dedham High School. All students must complete 40 hours of service as part of their graduation requirements. Students may complete their community service learning requirements through volunteer work, an unpaid internship, or a combination of both. Community service opportunities are frequently posted in the cafeteria, counseling office, on the Career Counseling web page, and announced or emailed to the student population. Students are also welcome to check in with school counselors, assistant principals, or the Youth Commission to discuss additional ideas or find out more information about a particular organization.

The goal behind having students participate in community service is to broaden the students' experiences beyond the traditional classroom through involvement in volunteerism, service learning, and career exploration. By engaging in such activities, students learn more about themselves, their interests, and the privileges and responsibilities of being a school member, local, and global community.

Students must complete 40 hours.

  • A minimum of 5 hours must be with the same organization.
  • Students may complete the entire 40 hours with one organization if they choose or do 5 hours each with eight different organizations. Students may start their community service learning hours beginning the summer before their freshman year.

Community Service Learning Form

A copy should be made and returned to the counseling office.

Students are encouraged to begin fulfilling this requirement early in their high school years.

  • Students must complete 30 hours by August 31st of their senior year.
  • All subsequent classes must complete at least 10 hours per year (i.e., 10 hours by the start of sophomore year, 20 hours by junior year,
  • etc.). The requirement is prorated for students who enter after their freshman year (i.e., less than 10 hours
  • for each year missed).
  • Students should complete all community service credits by January of their senior year.

Experience has shown that many students who actively engage in volunteer service from the beginning of high school sustain their involvement and participate in additional service activities. Additionally, volunteer work can help students begin the process of career exploration