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School Counseling

School counseling services at Dedham High School are available to all students to assist in academic,  college, career, and personal matters.

Services are provided in a planned, programmatic manner  (developmental school counseling program) and by request or referral. Parents/guardians are encouraged  to consult with their student’s counselor at any time. They may do so by contacting the counselor directly  for an appointment. Students are encouraged to schedule appointments with their counselor before or  after school and during x-block. 

Each student’s school counselor provides support throughout their high school years. Conflicts with  academic schedules, long-term planning, and issues regarding the student’s progress and development are  among many of the roles performed by the school counselor.

Within the Counseling Department, we also have a full-time career counselor. Some support areas include professional communication skills, part time employment, community service opportunities, and career exploration. Click here to find the career  counseling website 

Welcoming New 9th Graders

The transition from middle school to 9th grade at the high school is facilitated by collaboration between  the Counseling Department staff in both buildings. All 9th-grade students enroll in a full program,  including five academic subjects, health and physical education, and an elective course(s). The  counselors orient the 9th-grade students to the high school and school counseling department services in  the fall. All 9th-grade students also have access to Naviance, which they will continue to utilize  throughout their high school career. Naviance is a program that provides career information/resources  college search tools and is vital in the college application process. Counselors assist students with four year planning during the course selection process at each subsequent grade level. Parents/guardians are  informed of the timelines for the course selection process by the Counseling Department. 

Planning for Post DHS

Post - Secondary Planning Support

Counselors meet with students to introduce and explain the various parts of the post-secondary  planning process in both group and individual sessions with students. Juniors and their parents/guardians  are invited to an individual planning conference to develop a personalized college/career search. Students  should continue research, visit, and interview at potential schools during their junior year and the first half  of their senior year. This process clarifies for students their priorities and the entrance requirements of the  schools that interest them. For parent/guardian convenience, counselors are available by appointment on  selected evenings. Families will be notified of these virtual evenings by their student’s counselor. In the  fall of their senior year, counselors meet with students to focus on the various steps in the college  application process. Individual meetings with students and parents/guardians can refine the process  further and focus on the list of schools to which a student will apply. 

Additionally, we invite all juniors and seniors to participate in X-Block workshops with various college  representatives and guest speakers. Our career counselor facilitates these workshops to help support all  juniors and seniors in their post-secondary exploration and learn about life on a college campus. 

Parent programs include presentations by school counselors on various aspects of college admissions,  post-secondary planning, PSAT scores, course planning, and college financial aid resources.

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